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100% organic raw materials
food safe
dissolves 100% in contact with water
Made in EU
Produktpalette periamyl


of the plastic produced since 1950 is still in the ocean

or in the environment


of the alternative materials are satisfactory


billion people hope that someone will come to the rescue


material is revolutionizing the earth starting NOW!

periamyl by periplast


Who we are

Our roots are in the packaging industry for decades. We are sales and distribution professionals and have several years of experience of dealing with sustainable materials. We are glad to be able to protect our earth by launching a wide range of products made of the

exclusive material periamyl®!

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The natural thermoplastic material periamyl® is starch based and contains only renewable raw materials. Mineral oil-based substances and chemically modified polymers have been completely eliminated.

periamyl® is water-soluble and can be optimized
for specific application by the use of specialized coatings.
Once in contact with water, decomposition in begins after only a few hours.

The material's properties make it particularly
well suited for products where value is placed on
CO₂-neutrality. periamyl® makes an important
contribution to climate neutrality.

What’s more, periamyl® is home compostable. No mircroplastics are produced during decomposition. The material can also be used in a biogas plant for
heat generation.

You'll stab stiff an strong with our chip fork!

We made our chip fork

strong by strengthening the material in all

the right places. You'll be able to skewer the tough chips, too!

nachhaltige Pommesgabel
biologisch abbaubarer Eisloeffel

Our ice cream spoon is truly tasteless!

A surface coating with

food safe varnish makes our

ice cream spoon tasteless!

The material can also be

colored in different natural colors.

With us you tee off naturally!

Our golf tees are made from 100%

organic raw materials from Europe.

Golf-Tee made from natural raw materials
Messlöffel aus periamyl

Measurable sustainability!

Our measuring spoons are completely CO₂-

neutral. We manufacture our products on standard injection molding machines, with very low energy consumption compared to manufacturing with plastic materials.

Try making your product using periamyl®?

Contact us with your own product idea. Together we will develop your individual product made of periamyl®, and make your company sustainable, too!

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Meet the team

Torsten Kahns

Torsten Kahns

Managing Director & Founder

Phone: +49 4504 80 96 71

Mobile: +49 174 159 3118



Stephan Gross

Managing Director & Founder

Phone: +49 4504 80 96 71

Mobile: +49 178 787 7351


Marcel Kahns

Marcel Kahns


Phone: +49 4504 80 96 71

Mobil:   +49 151 614 676 89


Partner in Poland


Małgorzata Kunath-Ostrowska

Mobil: +49 (0) 173 719 81 01



Koripack GmbH

Ceresbahn 6

29646 Bispingen


Wasserlösliches Material
100% biologische Rohstoffe


Zeiss-Strasse 19

23626 Ratekau

+49 4504-809671

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